Geospatial Mapping Solutions For Elections

GIS Based Maps for Spatial Voter Data Analysis | Election Mapping Tech | Voter Segmenting 

GIS Based Mapping Solutions For Political Elections

Electoral data mapping technology is very essential to effective elections. We create geospatial maps compiled with the voter data and ground level survey data delivering a smart way to power your election campaigns strategically.  Data visualise helps in understanding voting trends, discover new patterns, build strong booth level strategy and to understand constituency voting trends and manage electoral process effectively.

Our scientific research & predictive analysis will help in  easier and faster, campaigning strategies, staff or party volunteer management, security officers allotment, etc. It will help you make faster decision making and developmental plan for booth level management.

Geospatial Mapping Technology for Election Campaign Management


GIS Maps for Assembly, Constituency & Ward Boundaries

Get your constituency maps ready with micro level details of your voter base. 


Spatial Analysis to Understand Voting pattens and Trends

Run spatial analysis to get hidden insights about your constituency


GIS based Spatial Voter Data Analytics and Predictive analysis

It’s all about prediction and who does it better. Using cutting edge technology predict your voters sentiments and get a clear visual understanding

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Swing Booth Analytics

Series of scientific analysis swing, swot, regression, and many more. We use AI, Machine learning, Deep Learning algorithms to maximise the voter turn out. 

Politics is Very Different Today.

How can you use GIS to win campaigns?

This sounds like a great question. Answer? Geospatial data mapping laid out by GIS mapping experts with sound knowledge of voter data mapping and voter data analytics should provide the elements to understand the voting pattern and formulate strategies for the constituency. We will provide full stack data analysis and provide the best solutions as per the data of the constituency.  

Result Oriented Campaigns

Politics today is different. It’s more of technology driven and has shifted from traditional methods of campaigning. 

Is GIS really beneficial in winning elections? Yes!!!

What do you think? Of Course, Yes. We Map data which is easy to formulate strategies and manage campaigns better.

GIS Advantage

# Use GIS and spatial mapping technology to find out new patterns and trends of your constituency

# Visualise your constituency data on the map

# You may be doing it but we do it better

# We have spend hundreds of hours in creating a database pan India

# It’s not just data that we provide, we will give you a agenda to put up to your voters based on the current scenario.

# GIS is a tool like any other tool that is used in campaign management. Like we call it it’s different. 

# It helps in narrowing the campaigns and target more precisely for a better outcome.

# We Map the hell out of everything….