About Us

Geopoll India is a tech company comprising political data analysts, data scientists,  political technology leads and a consulting firm located in Dispur-Guwahati. We provide general pre poll survey, pre poll survey analytics, strategic advice and consulting based on geo survey data, voter data analytics, voter trends pattern, to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of election campaigns in India.  Our specialisation is in campaign strategy, voter, modelling & targeting, planning, budgeting, timeline development, political communications, campaign management and staff training. 

Adding to the latest technology with the use of our flagship solutions/tools, artificial intelligence softwares, sensor based mobile surveys, Geospatial satellite data and cloud technologies, we collect the most accurate and real-time data. At this level various methods of scientific research is applied to understand explain and predict national voting trends through analytical, demographical, social and geographical variables. We will make your election process easy and cost-worthy campaign.