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We provide election survey data analytics services for political leaders with pre poll-public opinion survey, survey data analytics,  election database softwares war room management systems, geospatial analysis, data analytics, door to door election canvassing applications for getting the most accurate data for contesting the election. 

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Issued based solutions

Political campaigns essential need is to identify issues and preferences of small groups based on indivisual data. Move further to reach out to your voter. Election campaigns are moving further for more specific characteristics rather than traditional techniques of grouping voters. 

Data insights
voters micro targeting

Customised Targeted Communications

Micro target with customised communications designed to directly reach out to voters. Open new doors for technology driven election campaigns where indivisual data is hard to find. Geo Poll India gives you GIS based solutions and IOT to make informed decisions.  

Big Data Analytics

Data analysis services by Geo Poll India for all the 33 districts of Assam. Predict your constituency voter data for the upcoming election. Big data analysis has huge impact over election  as it helps every election campaign to understand your voter base. Candidates can understand social sentiments, Polling data and voter data and many other alining factors bringing more clarity to the election campaign. Predict better to be the winner  

Big Data Analysis

GeoSpatial Analysis

Geographical data analysis and locality mapping of voters of your constituency for getting deeper insights. Visualizing voters data using predominant mapping.   

Media Coverage

Data Anlytics
Election political campaign managemt

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