Political Consultants and Data Analytics Services for Elections

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GIS Based mapping technology for the best data visualization and data analytics to understand voting patterns and voter trends.

Micro level Polling Booth Voter Data Analytics using cutting edge technology for the best campaigning strategies based on data.

Top Election Management Services in Jalukbari District

Campaign Management Solutions based on Public Opinion

Manage your campaigns with tech driven softwares and connect with people with a solid agenda. 

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Get the current constituency profiling.

Pre-Poll Public Opinion Survey

Get your survey done to know the current public opinion using our flagship solutions. Mobile Apps 

Door to Door Canvassing App

Based on constituency demographics we curate  questionnaire for door to door survey.

What we do?

We are driven by Data and Powerful Technology

We provide data solutions for political campaigns. We find out those voter segments which did not vote for you or the party and the underlying reasons behind. We provide solutions how you can improve your voter turnout in the upcoming election.  

Game Changing GIS Technology

The Geospatial Mapping technology makes management smart, easy and transparent 


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